I Create Awesome Rock Recordings and Mixes

Hear your rock music as you Intended It to Sound


I offer the following services to help you achieve your musical goals.

microphone, audio, recording


Using quality preamps and microphones, I will record your voice and instruments with care to create the best sound from the start. The results will speak for themselves.

audio, mixing board, music studio


I will take your raw tracks that you have recorded at home, in another studio, or here at FFRS, and transform them into release-ready songs.

mixing, table-mixing, music


I will create a final master that will sound incredible on any playback system. Your song will have clarity, punch, necessary volume and an overall cohesive sound.

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Client Comments

G. G.

I have had an exceptional recording experience with Rob at FFRS. He offers his clientele an amazing artistic sensibility to everything he touches. He has a great ear for sound and he is technologically savvy.

A. G.

A very rewarding experience! Rob is professional, knowledgeable, and welcomes input from his clients. Having a producer who is a very talented multi-instrumentalist to work with is a bonus too! Rob produces an exceptional product.

J. M.

Rob's understanding way of gently bringing out the best performance was greatly appreciated. Let the results speak for me. Results have been excellent. I've worked with two other recording studios and highly recommend Rob.

B. N.

It was a joy to work with this talented individual (Rob) on two occasions; a chap who strives to get the most out of you and capture it recording the results in a timely and professional manner.